HYPED @ EHW 2021

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The Dynamic, Electronics and Propulsion teams kicked us off with stellar presentations of our vision of the subsystems of a hyperloop pod. Relying on their expertise, thorough research, and meticulous attention to detail they were able to articulate and explain their rationale for their chosen deployment strategies. They took onboard detailed feedback from the impressed judges and replied confidently to challenging questions posed to them. The research team’s creative solution of incorporating a hyperloop network crossing the major airports of the UK showed members of the public and the jury alike that the benefits of hyperloop are limitless and the benefit to society often compounded. Wrapping up our presentation docket was the full pod design presentation by the Technical Team, it incorporated all subsystems within a rendered 3D model of our pod. This was achieved despite the difficulties in accessing work stations to complete manufacturing.
Evident during our time in Valencia was the camaraderie and inquisitive nature of all participants, regardless of team. Members engaged in frequent unofficial talks with their counterparts including discussing developments in the field and ways to improve their designs. This signifies not only the high caliber of people involved in the community, but also resonates with the global demand for cooperation across technology and infrastructure. This conference was not merely an invitation to compete, but also one to learn. HYPED members took part with open minds, and an eagerness to expand their horizons.
Until then, stay HYPED.

It was a privilege to have engaged with other like minded teams and leaders of industry and we look forward to doing so again at the next European Hyperloop Week.
HYPED is proud to have been a co-organiser of the first ever European Hyperloop Week alongside our partners Swissloop, Hyperloop UPV, and Delft Hyperloop. The combined passion, excitement and dedication across all participating team members underscored the success of the event.
The presentations, research papers and designs were the work product of the combined efforts of all HYPED team members spanning multiple years. Their dedication is the reason we were able to share with the public our vision. Moreover, they were not dismayed by the sudden and elongated shift to virtual working conditions, they took this in their stride and used creative solutions to keep making progress. As such, it is imperative that they receive the well earned recognition they deserve. To all those part of our family, previous and present, thank you and well done.
European Hyperloop Week 2021 was hosted in Valencia, Spain. Providing a location for all hyperloop related discussions, it attracted teams and industry professionals from all over the world taking part both physically and virtually. It struck a delicate balance between the spirit of competition and cooperation. Teams and industry professionals alike presented their proposals, discussed the hurdles we all face, and echoed the potential of Hyperloop technology for a cleaner tomorrow.