Stories | May 9th 2018
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Women of HYPED: Maisie Edwards-Mowforth

"You'll hardly ever hear people saying
something is too complex for them or
beyond the scope of students, instead
they just rise to the challenge."

Which team are you in? What is your role? Your responsibilities?

My role in HYPED is Chassis Project Manager as part of the Static team. We’ve spent this year designing, and now manufacturing, the Chassis and its components that form the base of the pod prototype to compete in the SpaceX competition. The Chassis team has been working mostly with composites since carbon fibre makes up the main body, and on integration of the pod systems, collaborating with the dynamics and power teams to design the dynamic module and battery module. The main aims have been to develop an organised and accessible Chassis, and find an elegant way to transfer forces from the pod’s aluminium and steel dynamic parts to the carbon fibre structure.

What do you like the most about HYPED?

I love that HYPED is so multidisciplinary. With so many different branches and such a range of people it presents great opportunities to broaden your interests; one thing leads to another and another and you end up learning about about things you’ve never considered before. Getting really stuck into a workflow can lead to passions developing in the strangest of places- if someone asked me what I’m most passionate about in my life right now, in the top 10 would be bigHead bolts - that’s not something I ever thought I’d say!
It’s true that the team spirit in HYPED is astounding; you have a large group of people putting in heaps of effort on a daily basis to forward a common goal, which is wonderful to be a part of. You’ll hardly ever hear people saying something is too complex for them or beyond the scope of students, instead they just rise to the challenge. Working on the design and manufacture of carbon fibre has been like skipping straight to the fun part of Engineering, it’s been hard work but very exciting and the experience is invaluable to me.

Has HYPED affected your personality? If so, how?

HYPED has given me the confidence to take opportunity when it comes your way, even if you don’t feel like the (steel toe cap) boots fit right away, having faith that you’ll grow into them if you know that you’re determined, willing to try your very best, and most importantly, learn from the people around you. On the Engineering side of things, I’ve had to develop the ability to trust my own intuition, but at the same time learn to judge when you have, or don’t have, sufficient information to make a decision that’s right enough.