Stories | June 3rd 2018
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Women of HYPED: Rebecca Stevenson

"There's always something new happening
with Hyperloop and HYPED to read up on,
so there's never nothing to do."

What was your very first impression about HYPED?

My very first impression of HYPED was meeting the team members. Everyone was so passionate about the work that they had been doing throughout the previous year, which made me really excited about the opportunity to join the team. From day one, I have been able to ask questions on any aspect which I don’t know, and there’s always someone who will be willing to have a discussion about it with me.

Which team are you in? What is your role? Your responsibilities?

I have been a member of the tunnelling project in the commercial team since September 2017. Our project looks into the feasibility of tunnelling for the Hyperloop technology. We have been considering how the parameters of tunnelling interact with the physical requirements of the Hyperloop pods. This is really interesting to me as an extension of the geotechnics I am learning on my degree. From our research and communications with Thames Tideway, we will hopefully be able to publish some of our discoveries on how tunnelling can be applied to a Hyperloop route.

How do you see the future of HYPED?

HYPED has already made so much progress over the last years that it is not surprising that it will continue to grow and be successful. We have some of the best minds working together, so the possibilities are endless. With a focus on outreach beginning this year, we are getting so many more people involved with what our society is doing. I am really excited of being part of such a successful team that is constantly exceeding expectations.

How do you see the future of Hyperloop technology? What are your predictions/expectations?

I am excited to see where the future of Hyperloop technology takes us. There is so much which is unknown about where the technology will go from here. As there is further recognition of Hyperloop, I believe there will be greater leaps made from contributions all over the world. I would love to see the proof of concept one day, and to be able to witness a running Hyperloop.

What is the most challenging for you in HYPED?

The most challenging part for me is the initial intake of information. Since this was an entirely new concept to me, there was a lot to understand get familiar with. There’s always something new happening with Hyperloop and HYPED to read up on, so there’s never nothing to do. I am really appreciative of being able to learn something new about things outside what I learn in lectures, whilst also keeping focused on the civil engineering considerations.

What do you like the most about HYPED?

My favourite thing about HYPED is the inclusivity. Since the members in HYPED come from a variety of degrees and backgrounds, there is always something new to learn from one another. Within the commercial team, we have had information exchanges, which have given me a better awareness of what has to be considered on financial and regulatory side of this new infrastructure. Being a part of HYPED gives many opportunities to branch out your knowledge and try something new.

Your most memorable moment or story in HYPED?

My most memorable moment was attending the very first BTM. I remember being amazed when I found out more of what people in HYPED had been working on. This communication between the different teams helped give me an insight of what progress had been made throughout the semester, and what goals we were trying to meet outside of our individual projects.