Stories | March 28th 2018
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Women of HYPED: Sophiya Volkova

"HYPED also taught me to draw a line
between being corporate and doing work
and then switching off and being friends
to each other."

What was your very first impression about HYPED?

It seemed to be for engineering kids only and too innovative and revolutionary to understand at first.

Which team are you in? What is your role? Your responsibilities?

I have started the legal team at HYPED which falls under the realm of commercial. Last year we focused on legal considerations for the global challenge with my colleague Shiv. This year I am a Project Manager for a team of five guys and we are all doing wider research, Regulatory Project, on how to implement Hyperloop in the UK and the EU. We also explore AI, EU wide infrastructure projects and political climate.  My responsibilities include planning strategy for our research, thinking of meeting agendas and setting up weekly goals. I am very open to new ideas and criticism and this is why my team can always suggest what they want to be changed or pitch better solutions to a potential problem. Recently, we have been invited to the Pinsent Masons HQ in London where we had a chance to present our research. It was an important milestone for us and I hope we will continue working harder at being the pioneers in designing a database on implementation considerations for projects like Hyperloop.

How do you see the future of HYPED?

Future is bright, future is HYPED!

How do you see the future of Hyperloop technology? What are your predictions/expectations?

Besides engineering challenges, there are lots of legal challenges in the way of Hyperloop's implementation as has been pointed out by Marvin Aomori, Chief Counsel for Virgin Hyperloop One. Since the technology is so different to what has been around so far, it will take time for it to get real. Nonetheless, I hope to see Hyperloop trains running before I die!

What is the most challenging for you in HYPED?

Cooperation between technical and commercial, it will be great to improve knowledge exchange between the two.

What do you like the most about HYPED?

Working with my regulatory team has been immensely rewarding for me so I guess it is a combination of things doing the research you are passionate about and being surrounded by people who care about it as well.

Your most memorable moment or story in HYPED?

Being at the SpaceX finals was really cool, seeing Elon Musk was imprinted into my memory forever for sure.

Has HYPED affected your personality? If so, how?

I have become more responsible and tolerant over the work I do for sure. HYPED also taught me to draw a line between being corporate and doing work and then switching off and being friends to each other and not conflating the two modes together if it makes.

What are the biggest improvements from your point of view?

Expansion of legal and dedicated legal research.