HYPED research will pave the way for Hyperloop innovation; technology and infrastructure not required before. The dedicated Research Team aims to strengthen a proposal for UK Hyperloop and explore the solutions that could be applied in other countries. The team also collaborates intimately with industry to ensure the scope of research is appropriate to the needs of industry.

Connecting the UK

HYPED are winners of the Virgin Hyperloop One Global Challenge, having proposed a route connecting Edinburgh to London in 50 minutes. Our proposal discussed the feasibility of Hyperloop in the UK, highlighting the social, economic and environmental impacts. Out of 2600 entries, HYPED is one of ten winners across the globe and the only student team to have won the Global Challenge.

Download our case for Hyperloop in the UK, as presented at the Hyperloop One Vision for Europe event in Amsterdam.

"Connecting Edinburgh to London in 50 minutes."

Our focus

Over the years, Research Team has delved into different areas of Hyperloop feasibility. Some of our research topics include:

Failure Modes
Structural Design & Infrastructure
Infrastructure Finance & Investment
Philosophy of Time

"Our goal is to determine what it will take to build a Hyperloop network."