CFRP aerodynamic shell optimised through the use of a genetic algorithm

High power battery system composed of LiPo battery cells which power the motors
Low power battery system powers the control systems of the pod

Electronics box
Houses pod’s custom control boards

Composite sandwich structure chassis reinforced by CFRP ribs

Linear induction motors providing a thrust force of 1kN

Magnetic brakes
Power redundant magnetic braking system providing a deceleration of 3g 

Friction brakes
Mechanical braking system providing a deceleration of 1g and bringing the pod to a stop

Friction suspension system dampening any lateral and vertical vibrations occurring during the run

Beta version

Graphics by Rafael Anderka

HYPED’s fourth pod, Greyfriars Poddy, showcases a major shift from past years’ ASM propulsion system to linear induction motors, as well as significant upgrades in the braking, suspension, and power modules. We continue to develop our long term goal of designing a fully scalable Hyperloop prototype.

Greyfriars Poddy

  • Linear Induction Motors
  • Power redundant magnetic brakes
  • Chassis made of carbon fibre and aluminium honeycomb
  • Shell designed using genetic algorithms
  • LiPo high-power battery system

Our most recent technical advancements

HYPED announced significant development in technology related to the Hyperloop concept, a proposed network of near-vacuum steel tubes to transport humans and cargo in magnetically levitating pods. Such innovations bring the distant Hyperloop dream, as well as the often-quoted 50 minute Edinburgh to London journey time a step closer. The team, comprising of engineering and science students from the University of Edinburgh, work hard each year to design and manufacture cutting-edge technology and this year announced three novel and innovative designs, each of which has been the centrepiece of a thesis.

The new designs for linear induction motors, CFRP and aluminium honeycomb chassis, as well as the power redundant magnetic brakes are all bringing HYPED a step closer towards developing a full-scale Hyperloop system.

Finals of the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod
Competition IV, 2019.


The Flying Podsman

SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition IV

After 10 months of hard work from some of the brightest and most committed undergraduate and graduate engineers at the University of Edinburgh, HYPED - the University's Hyperloop Team flew to Los Angeles, California to compete at the fourth SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition and present to the world their third prototype The Flying Podsman. Their goal to get their pod into the vacuum tube, purpose-built to test Hyperloop pod prototypes.

The Flying Podsman was the fruit of countless hours of design, prototyping, manufacturing and testing by a dedicated team of students all of which undertook the project alongside their everyday studies. This year the team continued working on improving their unique magnetic propulsion system as well as manufacturing an all new carbon fibre and aluminium composite chassis and all carbon fibre shell. The Flying Podsman was designed to be faster and lighter than in previous years whilst still staying true to the original philosophy behind the Hyperloop - virtually frictionless high speed transport.

6th place at SpaceX Hyperloop Pod
Competition III, 2018


Poddy The Second

First British Hyperloop Pod. Finals of the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition II, 2017


Poddy McPodface