It is our focus at HYPED to ensure that all members feel a sense of belonging within the society and enjoy the work they do. We recruit University students disregarding one’s academic background or personal identity. We not only respect the differences among our members, but we ensure an environment in which everyone can feel comfortable, heard and included. We do not discriminate in recruitment, society initiatives, partners, or members of our community. We strive to foster an environment where our members can progress in their professional careers through helping them achieve their personal goals and be an active, collaborative member in our community.
HYPED strives to provide an innovation-centred ecosystem for university students to develop the necessary skills for their professional careers and generate value towards Hyperloop development. Through engaging with the public about our initiatives, HYPED aims to inspire future generations about STEM and expand the Hyperloop and high speed transportation community.


About us...

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

How We Work

We strive to achieve ambitious goals that set us apart from other student societies at the University. We trust the elected Committee to set goals for the season that reflect the interest of all the members.

As a large society, we strive to integrate all teams of HYPED so every member recognises the society goals we want to achieve in the year. We hold regular TeamSyncs, where the society meets to update members on the developments of the teams, in addition to regular society-wide updates at meetings and through our newsletters. We rely on our members’ engagement and curiosity to seek to learn more about other society projects.
Our 17 Committee members are responsible for managing society workflows to keep the society on timeline towards its goals. The Committee meets weekly to evaluate the progress of each team and mitigate project risks. They are entrusted to make decisions that reflect the goals of the society. They work closely with our members to gain feedback about our workflow, so we can adapt accordingly while still achieving our goals.

Workflows across the different teams require varying levels of commitment, where there is not a “one size fits all” solution for any member. We pride ourselves in the flexibility of work: working around other University commitments while being considerate of others’ time.

We want our members to understand the tangible outputs of a year’s work. These outputs have associated timelines according to which we shape week-to-week tasks for our members to complete on time. We use good judgement to accomplish our weekly tasks with respect to deadlines and the schedules of our members and external collaborators. We want our members to feel a sense of belonging where they share the same drive to achieve the society's goals and feel like their contribution is valued and celebrated by teammates.

Vision: 2020-2025 5 Year Plan

The 5 Year Plan was established in 2020 in the wake of SpaceX’s postponement of the annual Hyperloop Pod Competition and in the rapid development of the inaugural European Hyperloop Week in 2021. Our members share these visions for the continuous development of the society. HYPED has stayed true to its three pillars since its founding in 2015: Technical, Research, and Outreach. We are constantly seeking new opportunities to expand the community it impacts and be at the forefront of the Hyperloop industry in the United Kingdom.
1. Inclusion and engagement
We are a diverse cohort of 100+ student members from all academic backgrounds.

2. Knowledge retention
We focus on future improvement through lessons learned workshops and thorough documentation. We celebrate our successes and learnings through this process.

3. Publication of research papers
Our publications to academic journals, with the supervision of University academics, will address full-scale Hyperloop and high speed transportation.

4. Technical innovation
Through the development and testing of prototypes, we improve on previous design iterations and focus towards scalable Hyperloop technologies.

5. School outreach programmes
These initiatives aim to promote diversity in STEM through a unique, immersive experience for young students that will encourage them to pursue early careers in STEM. 

6. Community engagement
We include those of all ages in our community, and aim to raise awareness throughout the community on Hyperloop technology and development.

7. Seeking new partnerships with industry professionals
Our partners share our core values and have the resources that allow us to equip members with the required skills to be young professionals. Funding, in-kind support, networking and career opportunities are some of the mutual benefits for our members and partners.

8. Involvement of partners in team activities
Our partners are part of our community, where we create synergies and common spaces for mutual benefits.
9. Continued support from The University of Edinburgh
The University values transformation and self-improvement of its members, and HYPED is a community where students can express their creativity and hone their skills. We partner with the University and the individual schools within it to achieve shared visions of our members.

10. Collaboration with student Hyperloop teams and industry professionals
The student and professional players in the industry need to work together to advance this technology. We will be an active participant in this community by participating at the annual European Hyperloop Week and future events in the industry.

11. Continued co-organisation of the European Hyperloop Week
We strive to foster this Hyperloop ecosystem where students and industry professionals can collaborate and have a forward-looking approach to Hyperloop.

12. Brand awareness
Our members stand by our vision and promote our initiatives to a diverse audience.


HYPED endeavours to contribute to the betterment of humanity, through promoting awareness of Hyperloop technology and its sustainable effects. To stay true to our mission and further our vision, we hold members to uphold our core values:
Sustainability - Hyperloop is all about sustainable transportation, and that is what we, as a society, want to bring to the world. It is an important balance to further innovation and human progress while also being conscious of environmental impact.

Innovation - Our members reshape what we know into new ideas that challenge the status quo.

Curiosity - Each member takes on the mission of HYPED because they are intrigued and motivated by what the future of Hyperloop and high speed transportation will hold. They are challenged by their task, but are determined to find the optimal solution.

Engagement - Working together is how we are able to achieve our society goals. Our members are ambitious and focused, trusted to exercise their judgement to make decisions. Most importantly, we enjoy the work we do for the society and those we work with. We collaborate together, teach each other, and learn from each other to better each member.

Respect - For any group of people to work well together, there needs to be a base layer of respect for each other and the work each person does. It is understood that our members will work at different levels and that mistakes will happen. These mistakes are addressed in a constructive manner.

Responsibility - Each member takes on the responsibility of delivering tasks that they take on to the best of their ability, and to work with their team in a way that abides by these values. 

Accountability - As a student team, we are still learning. We admit our mistakes and develop a plan on how to move forward and improve by learning from these situations.