Stories | February 26th 2018
3 minute read

Women of HYPED: Ieva Bruzaite

"I am fascinated by how fast HYPED is
expanding and developing and this inspires
me even more to contribute to it."

What was your very first impression about HYPED?

I remember the first thing that really fascinated me was how motivated everyone in the team is and how much they have already achieved. This has inspired me to become a member of the team. I was quite scared at the beginning but everyone was so friendly and helpful. People in HYPED did a really great job to integrate new people in the team and offer a variety of projects to work on. I quickly found the area that I am interested in and have a lot of opportunities to deepen my knowledge in it.

Which team are you in? What is your role? Your responsibilities?

I am a part of Commercial Team and a member of Tunnels sub-team. In the team we all do research on tunnels and try to find an answer how feasible it would be to implement the Hyperloop tube inside the tunnel. We all split the workload and then gather all our findings, discuss them and develop the project further. My responsibilities are to explore case studies of existing tunnels, find information that could be applied for our case, share findings with my team. Also, I am highly interested in geotechnical point of view of tunnelling, therefore, I focus on this field while keeping up with the whole progress of the project.

How do you see the future of HYPED?

I am fascinated how fast HYPED is expanding and developing and this inspires me even more to contribute to it. In my opinion, HYPED is an exceptional student society that has a lot of great people that are very passionate about the Hyperloop. I am sure that this will lead to great results and I believe that HYPED has a bright future when almost everyone not only in the UK but also around the world will know HYPED team.

How do you see the future of Hyperloop technology? What are your predictions/expectations?

I believe that there are a lot of advancements that have to be done before the Hyperloop can be implemented but I am sure that in maybe 10 years it will become a reality. The world is developing so fast and what once seemed impossible is now a part of our daily lives. I believe that this is the case for the Hyperloop.

What is the most challenging for you in HYPED?

The most challenging part is that most of the times we cannot be sure about the Hyperloop technology and have to make a lot of assumptions. In order to find solutions we need a large amount of data which often is unavailable or does not even exist yet. However, it is also very exiting because we develop a totally new concept and learn so much during the process.

What do you like the most about HYPED?

I really like the vibe and the variety of projects in HYPED. Everyone has different interests and work on various topics but this leads all of us to the same main goal - creating the Hyperloop concept and making it reality. I really enjoy working with various people and sharing ideas no matter how different our interests can be. Also, the society is managed very well, people are very friendly and always willing to help and this creates a great atmosphere in the whole team.

Your most memorable moment or story in HYPED?

Really hard to tell, since I am a member of the team for not so long but I am sure that there are a lot of great memories to come in the future.

Has HYPED affected your personality? If so, how?

HYPED actually helped me significantly to realise what I want to do with my professional career and keeps inspiring me to work on my goals and achieve them. HYPED has expanded my knowledge a lot, I have met great people and I am very happy to have an opportunity to work on the project I am so passionate about. It has definitely made a more motivated and object-oriented person.