UK’s First Hyperloop Test Track in Edinburgh

HYPED began investigating the feasibility of a local test track in Edinburgh in 2019 to validate and test its technical designs. A track would allow the team to experiment with novel Hyperloop technologies and iterate through prototypes in rapid succession. With the annual European Hyperloop Week starting in 2021, we needed a local test track to complete final stages of testing to demonstrate HYPED pod prototypes at the competition.
After two months of construction, the 100 metre test track lies at King’s Buildings Campus, a five minute walk from the HYPED lab. HYPED partnered with the University of Edinburgh Estates Department to construct the track, specifically the foundation.
In addition to our industry sponsors and the Estates Department, we would like to thank the College of Science and Engineering, School of Engineering, School of Informatics, and School of Physics and Astronomy for their support in making this project possible.
The Technical Team looks forward to using the test track to demonstrate past and future prototype pods, hosting public events to showcase our work. In addition, HYPED's Outreach Team will benefit from the track by hosting on-campus workshops with local schools, demonstrating the applications of physics and engineering concepts and inspiring these younger generations to pursue early careers in STEM.
We have completed the commissioning of the UK’s first Hyperloop test track.
The contractor was responsible for the groundworks of the track, which consists of precise concrete pads along the 100 metre length. HYPED worked closely with the contractors to ensure all design requirements were met, then the team commissioned the track, which included installing the aluminium rail and preparing it for operation.
“‘Flat’ is not the first word that comes to mind when you think of Edinburgh, so partnering with the Estates Department was critical to identify a straight and relatively flat space on campus for the track as well as securing contractors for the construction,” says Test Track Project Manager Kilian Blair-Fassl.
Stay tuned for announcements for upcoming events and follow us on social media as we use the track this year!